The PACA Dance Show 2016

Date: 25th May 2016

The PACA Dance Show 2016 was a fantastic showcase of the hard work and talent of over 30 young dance students. The Senior Academy presented a series of group dances ranging in style from contemporary to commercial and African! They displayed a huge improvement in their technique and performance skills from the beginning of the year, making the teachers extremely proud of their achievements. Notably, Amy Tanner brought a touch of Broadway with her 42nd Street Tap solo and Dace Reizupa choreographed a beautifully dynamic contemporary solo.

The newly formed Gifted & Talented Company performed a stunning version of Akram Khan’s choreography for the national Big Dance Pledge 2016 and dance club members performed with enthusiasm and energy. The evening also featured two Lion King dances, Lioness Hunt and The Stampede, performed brilliantly by the Junior Dance Academy and dance club members. Several PACA students are also members of the Young Dancer’s Collective and they performed alongside the company on the night in a physically demanding group piece.

A special congratulations to…

Senior Dance Academy – Amy Tanner, Dace Reizupa, Flora Ribeiro, Kira Evershed, Leonie Vanessa Ulrich, Marley Birch, Pheobe Palmer, Rebecca Elias, Veera Makela

Gifted & talented Company – Sophia Adatia, Jessica Thompson, Maja Dubaj, Ciara Alleyne, Ruth Pope, Carly Poulter, Michael Ashurst, Amy Tanner, Dace Reizupa

Dedicated Dance Club Members – Antonia Iaroi, Hattie Whitehouse Eagle, Kaitlin Emery, Megan Talbot

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by Dan Hamilton

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